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The Best

These are the best people on facebook they stick up for themselves and put all the witches and psychics to shame, legit #legends Read More →


Rachel & Dee Gibson con artists

The duo Rachel & Dee Paul Gibson whom have several sites devoted to scamming People out of money with so called psychic readings , bait and switch products ( that most likely will never be delivered ), They constantly cancel Read More →

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debra davies exposed

debra davies lied about Rachel Gibson ringing her that day just because the Gibsons are exposing the ass of these trolls and it was very obvious that she never got a call and you can see her lies on the Read More →


Rachel & Dee Gibson – Money Stealing Frauds

Money Stealing Frauds Read More →


Chris Riley Scam

Chris Riley uses a woman who abused a family on line. He takes money off people pretending to be a operator and he talks absolute bull this is set upsetting and I shall be getting all credits back as Read More →

Read More →

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