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DEBHASSBEEN is NOT a Lightworker she is a broken record With a skip. She is like a bulldog dogging people & chasing her own tail.. No Lightworker or anyone on a enlightened path would behave or allow others to trash talk people or familys as they all do! go HASSBEEN team gang or what ever Bully name you go by.. It Sad & pathetic to see grown people who think they are above the law or Universal law for that matter ..they are True to form Bullies & Narcissist . If they would get out of their own way the Universe may do its job KARMA.. but nope .She likes to Poke & try to get a rise so she LOVES Drama & creates it so she always has her gangbully videos ..Proof its always ongoing, This is TRUTH No real Lightworker would ever Harm another Soul or be a part of that bully gang.. No Real Witch, No Empath, No Lightworker, No Loving Kind person would be able to digest that junk… WAKE UP ! BE A Loving Spiritual Evolving Human being this planet has enough Trash. Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds

DateMar 9, 2019
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Tags No Light worker.
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