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I found flights for my summer holiday a weeks ago with Virgin via Opodo for just under £1500 for my family return. Every time I tried to book there were technical issues so as soon as I got home from work I tried again to no avail, so I called Opodo. I explained that I was getting all the way to payment stage, after having entered all passenger information and they said they would book. The guy spent 20 minutes looking for the airport I wanted, at regular intervals I begged him to put someone else on the call but he refused. Eventually a supervisor took over, found the flights straight away and when I went to pay his system crashed. He returned to the call after placing me on hold to say the prices had gone up and is have to pay almost double. He confirmed the price changed whilst the inept customer service person was struggeling to find the flights!

I asked for the price to be honoured and they’ve refused. They did give me a £40 good will gesture after a week of emails battering with them. I tried to use this and now they won’t honour it and I’ve purchased flights with them again and they won’t even honour the £40! They have been awful.

DateJan 23, 2015
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