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I ordered 3 pokemon Hidden Fate tins, I received the package yesterday.
I opened box got all excited like anybody does if your a collector right,
I brought 1 Pikachu tin, 1 Evee tin, 1 Eternatus tin, each tin had false stuff inside.. I will explain plastic to hold the booster packs and a promo card inside when technically the promo card should hold by cardboard and the booster packs should be held by cardboard aswel.. so I got all 3 promos and the booster packs weren’t the 1s I should of had because the original will have 4 hidden fate packs where mine had 4 different tempers packets Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield, Sword and Sheild Darkness Ablaze.. the pokemon cards inside obviously were tampered with completely different cards to the hidden fates even tho I never received hidden fate packets anyway but I’m going far in depth and deep to stand my ground against this company that is based in London and manipulating people to buy there products which people do and these people havent clicked in like I have this was my first time buying and noticed straight away I’m a huge collector..
I take this very seriously please help

DateJan 15, 2021
Categories Pokemon.
Tags Pokemon hidden fate tins.
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