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The duo Rachel & Dee Paul Gibson whom have several sites devoted to scamming
People out of money with so called psychic readings , bait and switch products ( that most likely will never be delivered ), They constantly cancel readings and then block the customer after they’ve paid ( never get the service paid for ) Sell inexpensive poor quality products with a huge mark up ( bought off of Wish.com) These two specialize in nothing more than fraud & sympathy antics . They like to call out all that do work in the field of psychic readers , witchcraft, Light workers & real educators with skills and years of hard work and study. Trying to run off any competition! Rachel became a High Priestess in less than 16 months ! This is absurd & not at all possible ! Shame on her
They make a mockery of genuine mediums , Light Workers , and witches ! This couple is broken! Use mental illness as an excuse to blatantly abuse & threaten physical violence upon others! These two are sick and need institutionalized for the safety of the public!

DateApr 14, 2019
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